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International Conference Accreditation

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  • ICHS encourages medical and health professionals and organizations globally to organize and conduct international conferences in the different medical and health specialties and sub-specialties.
  • ICHS approves, accredits, and certifies International Conferences and grants CME/CPD Credit Hours accordingly.
  • International Conferences to receive ICHS credits must meet ICHS criteria and standards and the sponsoring organization/s must agree to ICHS terms and requirements.
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Fees and Payments Schedule 

The Fee Schedule to accredit, recognize and certify that an international conference, CME/CPD activity, event, program, or lecture is tailored in a manner to be affordable to medical and health institutions and professionals to organize and host educational events and activities globally as follows

Terms & Conditions

  • Travel and accommodation expenses for ICHS Faculty who shall be monitoring the International Conference shall be reimbursed by the Organizer/s and/or Planner/s as per ICHS invoice.

  • Application Fee must be paid upon submitting the application.

  • If ICHS does not approve to accredit of the International Conference for reasons stipulated in the ICHS Rejection Notification, ICHS shall refund the Accreditation Fee and retain the Processing Fee.

  • If the International Conference is canceled prior to its commencement then ICHS shall retain the Processing Fee and refund 50% of the Accreditation Fee and additional costs of any non-refundable travel reservations.

ICHS Accreditation Eligibility Requirements

  • ICHS will only consider accreditation events and activities where the content, format, or speakers/lecturers are free from marketing and sales bias and are without any type of financial affiliations.
  • The events and activities must be primarily designed for medical and healthcare professionals and physicians.
  • The events and activities must fully comply or align with ICHS Accreditation Standards and Criteria.
  • The events and activities must:

    a) Be based on the educational needs of learners based on their professional practice gaps.
    b) Engage learners in educational activities as appropriate.
    c) Define and evaluate the learner’s achieved outcome level.

  • All lectures in the events and activities must have clear learning objectives that outline what the learner is expected to achieve after completion.
  • All lectures in the events and activities must be evidence-based.